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Happy Mother's Day!

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We at Gizmodo are officially departing for our Mother's Day festivities. There could always be posts later this evening, but they won't be by the standard weekend crew. My mom is currently driving down from Chicago for a little late golf, dinner, and of course, gifts to make up for my not driving to her this Mother's Day...or her birthday...or...


So she will be getting a black Nintendo DS, Brain Age and Puzzle Quest. And considering her own obsession with all things shiny (except her Treo 750 that sits unused for reasons beyond me), I think she'll enjoy playing her beloved puzzle games with dual screen and stylus interface.

Did anyone else give/receive gadget gifts for Mother's Day? Hit those comments and let us know!



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Hello there old chums I'm in Britiain and for some reason unbeknown to me it is not mothers day here, but it is my birthday. I would like to thank the British people for compensating this conflict by giving my birthday precedence.

Point is send your gifts my way I am your mothers.