Harvard Medical School's H1N1 App Lets You Panic On the Go

Swine flu! It's the panic du jour, far less dangerous than eating poorly cooked chicken or getting in a car, yet apparently infinitely more scary. And now Harvard will take $2 to scare you on your iPhone.

Harvard Medical School has just released HMSMobile Swine Flu Center, a $1.99 app that offers all sorts of stuff that doesn't quite seem worth $1.99. This includes:

-Videos on how to protect yourself (spoiler: wash your hands)

-A quiz on whether or not you have swine flu (spoiler: you don't)

-An outbreak tracker to see if the fever has swept through your area

-Advice about survival kits, just in case shit gets really fucking serious

Combine this with the Pedophile Finder app and the HealthMap app and you'll scare yourself into never leaving the house. Awesome? [HMSMobile Swine Flue Center]


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