HealthMap App Will Tell You How Diseased Your Neighborhood Is

Ever wondered if someone in your neighborhood has a case of Swine Flu, African Horse Sickness, Chicken Pox, or other infectious diseases? Today's your lucky day: the HealthMap app will show you up-to-date reports and even send push alerts.

To be completely honest, I was terrified when I first opened this app up. I did not need to discover yet another scary thing about my state. Thankfully, it looks like Florida is fairly free from outbreaks of infectious diseases.


From playing around with the app though, I'm given the impression that neither Florida nor any other place will appear infection free for long because of the outbreak report function. Let's face it, given the fact that there's an option to report Sexually Transmitted Infections and that the report is quick and easy to submit is practically inviting people to report their former significant others' homes as outbreak sites. [HealthMap via Boston]

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