Have A Perfect Day With Lou Reed's iPhone App

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What does Lou Reed have to do with the iPhone, apart from his songs being sold on iTunes? Better sit down and brace yourself for the coming news—he's designed an app. For the nearsighted.


Ok, so it's not just for the nearsighted, with the Lou Zoom app promising to "bring style and clarity to your contacts." Cutting the rockstar hyperbole, it increases the size of the contact name, displaying it in a stark white-on-black effect. As it's only $2, why don't you go for a walk on the wild side, and download it? Oh, don't be so vicious. [Lou Zoom via Wired]



Apple has both of these built into the phone. (Settings - General - Accessibility - Zoom/White on Black) You can even set tripple-clicking the home button to toggle they white on black. Why pay $2.00 for it? What a shame a washed-up singer is trying to scam people with this.