Have yourself a Merry Gadget, and Eight Crazy Nights, Too

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Ahh, the smell of the tree, the twinkling lights, the family feuds and the eggnog hangover. Spinning the dreidel, and eating too many latkes. It's the most wonderful time of year. To all of you who tune in every day, thanks for making this a fun place to work. We love you, even if we don't always respond quickly to your email. May you get the gadgets you so richly deserve come Christmas morning. And eight such gadgets if you observe Chanukah. And if you don't celebrate the Sabbath, or the birth of the baby, then just go buy something cool—no one deserves it more than you do.

Gizmodo is taking a few days off. We'll be back on December 27th.

The Yoda tree angle is available for $19.99 from Star Wars Cargo Bay.


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