Haven's police department misses its Law & Order: SVU moment

Last night's Haven had a very Law & Order opening, with a supernatural twist: a lady loses track of her fiance while out jogging, only to find his corpse lying next to a pair of disembodied lungs. What happens next plays the inheritance aspect of the Troubles to its logically creepy conclusion. But Haven doesn't seize on its SVU style twist, instead focusing on yet another mysterious new character. Spoilers within.


Finding a guy who's missing his lungs is just another day in Haven. Finding out that the lungs sitting next to him aren't his own—that's a little weird. The Troubleshooters soon have a second organ-related mystery on their hands, one that leaves behind a dead body, a pair of kidneys, and a survivor, the dead guy's sister. Oh, and something else: Thomas Bowen, a Boston cop on the trail of the same organ thief. Sometimes Haven's crazy spills all the wait out into Massachusetts, and Bowen has followed the crazy back up here.

While Nathan is holding the dead guy's sister for questioning, she attacks a kid at the station, apparently trying to suck out his juicy bits with a snaky xenomorph mouth that just slithered out of her throat. She knocked out, but it turns out that she's suffering from organ failure. Dr. Claire notes that organ donations tend to be most successful between family members. Nathan lays out the mechanism for it: our killer is going after his family members to harvest their organs, but if he fails to kill them, the trauma from the attack triggers their Trouble. They find out that the kid was conceived with a sperm donor, and here's where we get our SVU moment: the Troubled man worked at a fertility clinic and replaced the donated sperm with his own, making himself lots of kids so he could snack on their organs when the Troubles returned.

Here's where I was imagining Haven briefly morphing into SVU, with Audrey incensed that someone would violate would-be mothers in this way, the crimes against children bringing out Nathan's inner Stabler, and Dr. Claire being momentarily replaced by B.D. Wong. Our killer could deliver a creepy monologue about how the kids are his by right because he made them. But no, we have a new character, and we have to focus on him. *Kicks dirt*

Bowen naturally doesn't believe this business about the Troubles, but he's not too worried about that; he thinks it's just an elaborate coping mechanism Audrey and Nathan have to deal with their tiny town's impressive murder rate. But all it takes is seeing one little freaky demon mouth squirming out of one guy's throat to make Bowen a believer.

The Troubleshooters figure out who their sperm donor/organ thief is as he's attacking another one of his offspring. I guess this guy has been playing the long game for a while, but isn't he a little bit curious about how these kids turned out before he swallows their organs? Anyway, dude hightails it out of town with his wife and kids (the kids are there for spare parts). The Troubleshooters don't think he'll go after his own social children too quickly, but they're wrong on that front; he hasn't even made it past the city limits before he's coaxed his son out into the woods so he can nibble on his liver.

The crew manages to restrain dear old dad, but the kid is about to go into organ failure as his Trouble is triggered. There's only one way to stop it, naturally: Duke has to kill him and end the Trouble forever, something Duke is none too pleased about. Now I can get not wanting to kill the Troubled; many of them are innocent victims of a terrible curse. But this guy? This guy implanted his sperm into loads of women so he could murder his biological children. He was just about to eat his own kid. This is not the guy to be ambivalent about. Duke eventually relents, smothering the guy. Naturally, he coughs up a little blood in the process, which Duke absorbs. Where do all these Troubles go when they die?


Bowen decides to stay in Haven, but the Troubleshooters shouldn't be too overjoyed to be getting another cop. Someone has sent a man to kill Bowen, and when Bowen kills him in self-defense, he wants to keep it so under wraps that he buries the body himself rather than alerting his new coworkers. Did Bowen leave supernatural trouble back in Boston, or will some of the mundane variety follow him to Haven?

Oh, and our Audrey-kidnapping, bolt gun-shooting friend is escalating. He's taken another victim and surgically removed her nose. Futurama has taught us that human horn is an aphrodisiac, but is our killer using the nose for some sinister purpose, or just cutting it off to spite this dead lady's face?




Okay I might be going out on a limn here but I think Bowen is the pig pock guy...bare with me

1. we never see who it is that comes threw the door

2. he burned his first victim and not the next one he just cut off her nose

3. the reason he burned her was so you could not tell when she died or that a pieces was missing

4. I think when he does that (take a piece) he gets all there memories and there looks

I could be wrong but this is who I think the new Bowen is and he is just waiting for them to find the CK