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Hawkeye's Avengers Musical Is Here to Attack and Dethrone Hamilton

Disney+'s new Hawkeye series introduces the MCU's latest musical, and yes, it's terrible.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Performers dressed as the Avengers pose onstage during Rogers: The Musical, as seen in Disney+ series Hawkeye.
The cast of Rogers: The Musical in the middle of a performance.
Image: Disney+/Marvel

Though Marvel will never be able to live down the tire fire that was Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the idea of superheroes singing and dancing on stage is clearly something that the creative team behind Disney+’s Hawkeye has wanted to realize for some time, and they get right to it in the new series. But where Turn Off the Dark took itself somewhat seriously, Hawkeye’s splashy Rogers: The Musical is an over-the-top nightmare that seemingly exists as the MCU’s answer to Hamilton.

In the first episode, “Never Meet Your Heroes, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) schleps his children around New York City for a little quality holiday time, and while there are a countless number of interesting things to do, the paternal Avenger decides to take them all to a showing of Rogers: The Musical. Though the musical’s only featured briefly in the episode before the story moves on, it shows you enough to give you an idea of just what sort of show Clint and the other theater patrons have signed up for. Though most everyone else in the audience is mildly jazzed as they watch Musical Captain America (Tom Feeney) and Musical Black Widow (Meghan Manning) singing and dancing, seeing the Battle of New York turned into entertainment’s too much for Clint to bear, and he has to rush out of the theater not to be overwhelmed by PTSD and grief.


Clint leaving the theater makes it so that you don’t actually get a chance to hear the full song being sung on stage in the episode, but Marvel’s just uploaded “Save the City” in full, since people have clearly been clamoring for the entire track.

Within the context of Hawkeye, Rogers: The Musical is actually a rather interesting reflection on how people in the present-day MCU are dealing with the return to their “normal” lives in the wake of Thanos’ defeat at the end of Endgame. There is something decidedly odd and almost unhealthy-feeling about Hawkeye’s depiction of people who seem to have no issues at all falling back into a monotonous rhythms of life, and it feels like that may be one of the biggest issues Clint Barton ends up facing as the series goes on.


The first two episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.

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