Haze: Turn Your Weather Forecast Into Psychedelic Art

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The Weather Channel's app has had you covered on the basics of your local forecast for eons. It ain't pretty, but if you want to know what the chance of precipitation will be 3AM, it'll give you a number. Haze takes that raw data and packages it into something simple and beautiful.


Haze's weather forecasts are centered around three screens that you swipe between, each with a single number representing a key real-time weather metric: Hours of sun, temperature, and chance of precipitation. Tap down on each of the numbers, and the app reveals an exploded view of the particular data point with more details. Tapping the temperature bubble, for example, shows you the high/low/feels-like temperatures as well as the wind speed and direction.

Illustration for article titled Haze: Turn Your Weather Forecast Into Psychedelic Art

Want to know what the weather's like tomorrow? When you pull down, each of the three screens shows you the five-day forecast for each of the three key metrics across the top (but unfortunately, nothing else about the future). There are lots of slick little touches like this in the app. The undulating colors in the background of each of the screens flows either up or down depending on which way the weather is trending. And the little wind direction arrow points the right way by using your iPhone's compass.

Haze is undeniably beautiful, and the simplified interface is clean, fast, and intuitive. But if you're used to endless hourly data, it makes you feel kind of empty and naked. No matter how clean the interface, part of me is dying to know if I'll need an umbrella at 3AM.

The app is available today for an introductory price of $1. It'll go up to $3 soon. [iTunes]


If the rumors of Apple working closely with Yahoo you should take a look at the Yahoo! Weather app. Really slick and you can set up multiple cities. Not as clean, but it puts up photos of where you are and for the cities you set up to track meteorologicaly. Its very pretty and fast. And with a swipe up you get all the details for the day.