HBO Streams Online to Non-Cable Subscribers For the First Time But Sadly Only In Europe (Updated)

In October, citizens of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark will be able to get on-demand HBO content even if they don't have cable. Oh those lucky Europeans. First health care, and now streaming Game of Thrones whenever they want it.

HBO Nordic will offer customers the 24-hour movie channel US customers are used to, but you will be able to subscribe to an on-demand library of HBO content or purchase individual programs. In other words, customers in those nordic countries are getting HBO Go without a cable contract—a coveted treasure the company has repeatedly said it won't offer to US customers ever. We can only hope this means HBO's warming up to the idea. [HBO]


Update 4:40PM
We reached out to HBO comment, and they told us a little more about why HBO Nordic gets streaming without cable and we don't:

We approach each market on a case by case basis. This model is specific to the Nordic region, taking into consideration the various factors specific to these countries. This does not impact in any way the HBO offerings in other territories.

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