HDi's Dune Blu-ray Players Have BitTorrent Plus Insane Codec Support

Illustration for article titled HDis Dune Blu-ray Players Have BitTorrent Plus Insane Codec Support

HDi's Blu-ray player is one of the first great Blu-ray + digital file players we've seen, being BD Live compliant and playing back DivX/XVid/WMV9/H.264/MKV files. Best of all, it's got a built-in BitTorrent client.


There are various players like the Network player, BD Prime, HD Base and HD Center, all of which have various mix-and-match functions. The best player, which will be priced at about $800 whenever HDi finds a distributor, will have all of the above functions plus a built-in hard drive bay (plus hard drive) so you can download BitTorrent files to—and play back from. There's 2 eSATA ports as well.

This type of player would be perfect for the guy who watches Blu-ray, yet also enjoys the occasional internet-procured movie/TV show. Here's hoping they find a distributor soon. [HDI]

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This thing looks very old skool. Just a big black box with a tiny LCD window. I am almost surprised that it isn't a pop-up-top-loader like a circa 80s VHS deck.