Helio Drift Phone with Google Maps Plus GPS Buddy Stalking

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Helio's Drift, which we wrote about awhile back, has just gone official. What makes this phone special is that it ships with google maps, as well as an integrated GPS module. Cool, but cooler is that it adds dodgeball-like meat space social networking with its Buddy Beacon. Flip it on, and friend with the same phone can see where you are on the map. You can use buddy beacon to theoretically signal them by sms to turn on their beacons, too. I say theoretically because I don't know a single person who actually owns a Helio phone yet. Too bad—innovation should be rewarded. Anyhow, the phone has a 2.12 inch screen, stereo Bluetooth, 128MB and a microSD slot, a 2MP camera Anyhow, all that location based wonderfulness means that the Drift could be the GPS phone ever, especially in the attractive at $225. Available in gunmetal black and frost white.



i'll try to clarify a little (friend brought his phone over saturday)

1.) Google maps IS GPS-enabled; just have to manually refresh it.

2.) buddy beacon can be turned on and off;

3.) stereo blutooth

4.) TONS of customizations; fonts, colors, sizes; advanced picture editing (humorous stuff - facial expression recognition)

5.) 5MB music video took 1 min to download; "Chicken Noodle Soup" :)

6.) I'm trading in my Hero for it next week!

I don't understand the "there are only 4 subscribers" joke. My friend owns a cell store down the block and has sold 700+ Helios since the first of June. AND if the Kickflip is sold out - assuming their first batch was a conservative 30,000 devices - won't that make the joke not only lame, but with no base?

I'm just offended, considering I'm a Helio myself. :)