Helio, Sidekick UI Designer Working On New Palm OS

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This is some pretty exciting news for us Palm fans who've been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for something new from the handset maker. It turns out Palm has hired Matias Duarte to design the UI for the next Palm OS. You probably haven't heard of him, but he's the guy behind the impressive interfaces for the Sidekicks and Helio's phones. The idea of giving this guy a large install base and a touchscreen to play with is a good one. Palm's got an uphill battle to take on the iPhone, but this could be how they do it. [Engadget]



Palm should have redesigned their OS years ago. Instead they dumped millions into the Foleo. Terrible strategy. But not surprising. I did some freelance work with Palm a few times. Two words to describe the Palm workforce: Dysfunctional and bloated. Trying to get anything done was like swimming through Jell-O while being eaten by pirana. And chased by headhunters.