Helium Digital Solves iPhone's Stupid Headphone Jack Problem for a Mere $3.99

Apple's numbskull design decision to make it so that regular earphone jacks can't fit in its iPhone have inconvenienced nearly everyone who bought it, but now Helium Digital steps up with a $3.99 solution to the problem. That's the cheapest one yet. Check out our market overview of problem-solvers—none of which is made by Apple—after the jump.

Sure, Griffin and Belkin were first up with headphone adapters for iPod, but they cost $10 and $11 respectively, and Shure has a $50 music phone adapter with a VoicePort mic that also lets you pause the iPhone's music and make/take phone calls. And oh yeah, of course Monster Cable weighs in with its overpriced entry, the $20 iSplitter 200 headphone jack splitter.


That leaves Helium Digital's HD-005 3.5mm headphone adapter, selling for $3.99 Canadian, which is just about the same as US dollars these days, and for a while the company's offering free shipping. Such a deal. [Helium Digital]

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