Hell Yeah, We're Beating Up MODOK in the Avengers Game

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A big head with some big plans.
Image: Square-Enix

We shouldn’t be that surprised, really—we’ve known for a while that AIM would have a role in Crystal Dynamics and Square-Enix’s upcoming Avengers action game. But now we’ve got a better picture of the game’s story, and George Tarleton’s big-headed role in it.

As part of a larger livestream about the game’s mechanics, Square-Enix has dropped a brand new story trailer for Marvel’s Avengers. A lot of it, we already knew from past glimpses—the Avengers are no longer assembled, broken apart by the death of Captain America in an Avengers-celebration day gone horribly wrong. That is, until young Inhuman Kamala Khan, the magnificent Ms. Marvel, shows up on their scattered doorsteps to reunite her beloved heroes.


What this new trailer reveals, however, is that Kamala knows the Avengers’ shattering was a setup, brought about by a seeming ally: scientist George Tarleton, who’s using the rise of Inhumanity, the death of Captain America, and his own transformation into something more than human to wipe out superheroes for good.

In the comics, and in Marvel’s Avengers, Tarleton becomes the infamous floating bighead that is MODOK, the Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing, after genetic experimentation to increase his intelligence also physically causes his head to grow to enormous sizes, necessitating a flying chair to support his new body. It seems that a similar occurence will be on the cards here, as Tarleton goes from setting up the Avengers’ downfall, to wanting to use AIM to help curtail the rise of superheroes, before becoming the literal Big Bad himself, as he cackles maniacally about wanting to end superpowers once and for all.


All that said: it’s pretty cool that we’re gonna get to play a big-budget comic book video game about Kamala Khan beating up MODOK. Thank goodness decades of comic book movies have let us embrace just how gleefully silly the source material is!


Marvel’s Avengers is set to hit PC, PS4, Xbox One September 4, and both the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

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