Ms. Marvel Is, in Fact, the Star of the New Avengers Game

Kamala Khan in Marvel’s Avengers
Kamala Khan in Marvel’s Avengers
Image: Marvel Games

It seemed likely, but now it’s official. At New York Comic Con, Marvel Games officially announced that Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, is indeed a playable character in Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic’s upcoming game, Marvel’s Avengers.


Speculation began at San Diego Comic-Con when footage screened there strongly hinted at Khan’s role, as a young girl was seen running around looking for her Ammi and Abu, before falling down and inhaling some mysterious blue gas.

You see a brief glimpse of that here—and much, much more—in this announcement trailer.

The trailer also reveals the game’s official release date: May 15, 2020.

It looks like Kamala Khan’s not just an awesome character to play with, but that she also has a key role in the complex story, which deals with the Avengers being framed for a potentially world-altering event.

Oh, and don’t forget, Khan also happens to be getting her own Disney+ TV show with an aim on eventually weaving her into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This game will likely be the first time non-comic fans will really get to dive into the character.


With Black Widow kicking off Phase 4 of the MCU, a Captain Marvel sequel in the works, and now two big Ms. Marvel events on the way, there’s little doubt the women of the Marvel Universe are ready to take center stage.

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I have to say this is the first trailer for this I’ve seen that even grabs my interest. The teaser was meh, the gameplay stuff was only ok, but this 3 minutes of acting, story-telling felt right. Really right, from the disillusionment of the adults to Khan’s hope, her subtle disappointment, to Tony’s “what is that?” and finally her being clueless she’s annoying the most powerful and dangerous being on Earth who loses control when he’s annoyed. Hopeful, not a pre-order (what is these days?) but hopeful. It will be my first Square Enix game.