Hey guys, it's a new year, and we have all these new people from this new Facebook Connect thing, so let's talk about commenting at Gizmodo for a minute.

Comment Email Address - For All Your Commenting Needs
First up, Gizmodo has a specific email address just for comment related concerns. Emails about account approval, account problems, banning questions, thread problems and even requests for banning will all be handled through this email. So here it is, COMMENTS@GIZMODO.COM, shouldn't be too hard to remember.


What Will Get You Banned
If you didn't already know, we have an all-mighty banhammer of Thor that we can use to smash your commenting account to pieces, forever. Here's what'll get you smacked with it, guaranteed: obscene, racists, trolling, mean, spammer, stupid, or completely off-topic comments. So if you see that your account has been banned, please check your stupid ass comments before you send an email to COMMENTS@GIZMODO.COM asking why you can't comment. Nine times out of 10, I'm sure you'll see why.

Because it's easier than ever to get a commenter account, we've got more commenters than ever, which inevitably more stupid comments than ever as well. So the banhammer sensitivity has been turned up to threat level orange.

Other Stuff That'll Get You Banned
From here on out, long commenter names will get you a warning, then a ban. Like our cynical, chain-smoking cousins over at Gawker, we've decided tacking a bunch of stars on the end or other craziness is annoying, and it busts up site formatting. We're going to go around starting Monday, but be pro-active and change your name now, so it's less crap to deal with for everyone.


Also bannable: Cries of "first," asking if something will blend, welcoming any kind of overlords and other cliche stupidity.

I hope our little talk wasn't too harsh. We value all you commenters and enjoy the additional insight you add to Gizmodo. We just want it to be good for everyone. If you guys have any ideas or features you would like to see happen in the Giz comment world, please feel free to let us know. And don't forget COMMENTS@GIZMODO.COM is where you're gonna send all that comment related junk.