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Hello Motorola Press Party

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Motorola Z10 multimedia phone. We open with a long demo of the Z10, which has built-in video edited tools and a wireless broadband video uplink via HSDPA quadband GSM.
*30 fps
*8 GB expandable memory
*16 million color display

As much camera as phone.

Moving on to the Rokr E8.(This leaked a few weeks back.) Moto has been trying to get the music phone right for a long time now. This one has a no-button surface, touch activated it lights up. When you listen to music, the phone keys automatically disappear and the music player buttons show. When you switch to camera mode, the buttons for the camera appear on the front of the handset. Morphing technology on a single glass-like surface.


But people like to know when they've pressed the keys. So they added a haptic touchpad that gives tactile feedback. it also has a scroll wheel like function.


Motorola's audio engineers developed a new algorithm for in-ear music listening. The innovation here is that while most in-ear headphones make it sound as though the music is vibrating from inside your head, now it sounds like the music from the in-ear headphones are coming from outside your ears.

Motorola is acquiring SoundBuzz, a provider of wireless ota music downloads and buying in southeast asia.