Help Giz Score Conan's Studio For a Wedding

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Conan O'Brien is renting out his TV studio on Airbnb for $1 a night, but he's making prospects explain why they should get it. I already have a favorite entry. Want to help me help her score Conan's pad?


To run down the story so far: Conan O'Brien listed his studio on Airbnb for four nights in October. It has 8 bathrooms, 25,000 square feet, a desk, and a sofa. Conan is having renters contact him (or probably more accurately, his people) via Airbnb before he rents the place out. And what would make for a better story than a wedding? Right? That was the first thing I thought too. I'm already married. But Kat Manalac isn't, so let's help her score Conan's studio.

Look, Gizmodo readers, we can totally help Kat score this thing for her wedding. Conan O'Brien is totally into Twitter. Send a tweet telling him to pick Kat!

(Full disclosure: Kat is a pal. But moreover she is an awesome human being! And besides, don't you want to help somebody out just for the sake of doing it? Sure you do!)



"Hey all, here's a cool thing Conan is doing for his fans, you should totally try to... ah, nevermind, my pal wants it and I have the power to make it happen! There isn't even much of a tech angle to this story, so you know I posted it out of pure self-interest!"