Help Rick Sanchez Come Up with a New Twitter Handle

Well, this is awkward. Rick Sanchez just got fired from CNN for anti-Semitic ranting, so that twitter handle of his, @ricksanchezcnn, yeah, that's gonna have to change.


Rick, I pinged some of my friends and colleagues and came up with a few names that you could use—free of charge. Consider it an olive branch from a group that includes Jews, the media elite, and some plain-old middle-class white people. No hard feelings, bub. Hope that book sells well enough to pay your bills until the entire world forgets about you and you can get a job at McDonalds. Anyway, here you go.

Commenters, we'd love for you to chime in too.

• @RickSanchezUnemployed
• @RickSanchezPleaseHireMeFox
• @RickSanchezCNNSucks
• @RickSanchezBigotFighter
• @RickHimself
• @RickDirtySanchez
• @RickSanchezIApologize
• @RickSanchezSorrySorrySorry
• @RickSanchezPleezLemmeBackOnGuys
• @RickSanchezLovesJewsNoSeriously
• @RickSanchezIDoPartiesAndWeddings
• @RabbiRick

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