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Help This Brilliant Goofball Kickstart a Potato Salad

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you're hanging out at a barbecue, chowing down on hot dogs and other charred meats, sometimes you just want to be able to switch it up a bit. What if there was a cool, starch- and sauce-based salad that you could use to shake things up? Good news; there's one coming, and you can help.

Potato Salad is a Kickstarter from Zack Danger Brown, who's endeavoring to combine a couple potatoes, some sort of sauce-like agent, and a few seasonings in a bowl where they can be mixed and eaten much like a salad. Brown's already seen overwhelming support, blowing past his conservative $10 goal and pushing well into stretch goal territory where he joins the likes of runaway successes like Reading Rainbow and Veronica Mars. With over $100 in the bank, Brown has plans to throw a pizza party, and even develop a second variation of his prototype.


Of course, a Kickstarter is never really a sure thing. The project is still in development and Brown's being pretty transparent about the challenges ahead. He's yet to decide on a sauce type and this is his debut salad, so it may not come out quite as planned.

Still, Brown's progress so far seems promising, and if there aren't any problems during production we should see the end result later this summer. Clearly it won't be ready in time for July 4th, but with any luck it'll show up before Labor Day. Hopefully the wait will be worth it. [Kickstarter via CNET]