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Help Wanted : Gizmodo Weekend Editor

Gizmodo is looking to expand our weekend staff with a seasoned writer (only six months minimum experience required). If you're interested in the position, please send an email titled "Weekend Writer Applicant" to our tips line. Make sure to include (no attachments please):

1. Resume
2. A list of your favorite gadgets (along with why you like them).
3. Three sample posts in the Gizmodo style showing your breadth of ability (one news post, one general gadget post, and one of whatever you want). Links to work you've done in the past is fine, but please don't send us samples of writing that you wouldn't expect to see on Gizmodo.


Duties will include writing and news spotting. So why don't you apply? Our intern Eric isn't going to whip himself.

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Apply. It's fun. I sent in my application the last time they had a call for a weekend editor. I got a 'call back' email for the example entries over the one weekend of the last 2 or 3 years that I was out of email contact. I replied with the examples when I got back into town a few days later. I didn't get the job. It must have been my delayed response. Because it surely couldn't have been my work quality! Nah, it was probably the quality.