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Here Are the Best Movies on Netflix That Will Disappear Tomorrow

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Another Netflix purge is happening. By tomorrow, 1794 movies will disappear from Netflix's catalog which means the last chance you have to stream these movies is tonight. Pick wisely! We've narrowed the choices down for you.

If this sounds a lot like what happened last year with Starz, well, it is. Only not as bad. Still, you never know when movies will disappear because Netflix and/or studios want their current streaming deals to expire. This time, Netflix is losing movies from Warner Bros, MGM and Universal. Most of them are classic films, some of them will be available on other streaming services but all of them will be gone by tomorrow, May 1st. Here's a few worth watching:


The full list of movies that are disappearing from Netflix tomorrow can be found at Instant Watcher (the site is pretty bogged down right now). A selection of classics you should watch are over at Slate. We'll be updating our list as we comb through the list of what's expiring and from your suggestions.