Here's Some Sweet Captain Marvel Action Scene Footage, Courtesy of Brie Larson Herself

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People say Twitter is bad, and, y’know, they’re right. Twitter is a nightmare. But, sometimes, actors drop exclusive clips from their upcoming Marvel movies at midnight on a Saturday, and it sucks a little less.

That’s an awfully specific example, so let me be more clear: last night/this morning Brie Larson dropped a little something on her Twitter feed: a 45-second clip of an awesome chase scene from Captain Marvel featuring her fighting on top of a train while Nick Fury and Agent Coulson (nice to see him again!) chase after her.


What a lovely way to start the weekend. This isn’t exactly 1080p quality footage, but it’s still compelling, and those old cars are beautiful, frankly.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8, 2019.