Here's the Easiest Way to Take Better Pictures

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You ever notice why some of your pictures look like they've been stained yellow or red while others look swamped with green or blue? It's because of your camera's white balance setting! The easiest way to take better pictures is to fix your white balance and this chart tells you how.

Different lights light up differently. As in, some are redder or yellower and you need to adjust your camera accordingly. The color temperature scale made by Digital Camera World shows where different light sources fall and what setting your camera's white balance needs to be. Simple! You'll get much more accurate pictures that actually look like real life as opposed to terrible and awkward shots that look like they've been peed on.


To be more specific on the color temperature, Wikipedia categorizes different light sources like this:

  • 1,700 K - Match flame
  • 1,850 K - Candle flame, sunset/sunrise
  • 2,700–3,300 K - Incandescent light bulb
  • 3,000 K - Soft White compact fluorescent light bulb
  • 3,200 K - Studio lamps, photofloods, etc.
  • 3,350 K - Studio "CP" light
  • 4,100–4,150 K - Moonlight,[2] xenon arc lamp
  • 5,000 K - Horizon daylight
  • 5,000 K - Fluorescent light tubes or Cool White/Daylight compact fluorescent light bulb
  • 5,500–6,000 K - Vertical daylight, electronic flash
  • 6,500 K - Daylight, overcast
  • 6,500–9,300 K - LCD or CRT screen

Learn the numbers! [Digital Camera World via PetaPixel]