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A surprising thing happened on Wednesday: The Senate did something good.

Not only did it pass a resolution to save net neutrality but more Republicans than expected actually voted in favor of the resolution. But there were still a lot of senators who disagree with the overwhelming majority of their constituents, and I guess they don’t care.


If you remember any name from the vote today, remember Senator John Thune from South Dakota. Thune really didn’t want to reverse the FCC’s repeal of the 2015 Open Internet Order. While many senators aren’t all that concerned about whether web traffic is treated equally—Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed his opposition to net neutrality on the floor today, for example, but he mostly talked about the unrelated topic of regulatory burdens on craft distilleries.—Thune was a man on a mission.

The senator spoke at length on the topic at hand, and he came armed with a new version of his fake net neutrality bill. He got up early and wrote an op-ed for CNBC. He pleaded with his colleagues to consider his “bipartisan” legislation instead of reinstating the rules that worked just fine. The bill that was likely written by the same telecom lobbyists that pay Thune a lot of money, and it was so incredibly bipartisan that no Democrat sided with him today.


Not all Republicans did the wrong thing today, though. Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and John Kennedy all decided to agree with the 86 percent of Americans who recently told pollsters they like net neutrality the way it is.

Below you’ll find all the Senators who didn’t really care what the voters think, along with their re-election dates. You could still drop them a line and change their minds. The House also still has to vote, and it would be great if they heard from their Senate counterparts that people really care about this issue. And if that doesn’t work, bookmark this page for review before you head to the ballot box over the next few elections.


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