Here's the New Most Amazing Hand Dryer in The World

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Dyson Airblade Tap how to use it video

OK, please, give this a chance before you close the tab—a hand dryer can be cool. The Dyson Airblade, that little wonderbox you stick your mitts inside to get a super-fast bathroom dry, just got a super upgrade.

The Airblade Tap will change the lives of anyone who goes to the bathroom, integrating the powerful hand drying tech into the faucet itself. Now instead of washing your hands, pausing, twirling around like some sort of simpleton as you look for paper towels, you dry yourself exactly where you wet yourself. You'll save, literally, entire seconds every single time you go to the bathroom—if that bathroom has a Tap dryer. Add up all those hypothetical bathroom visits across the span of your life, and you've saved maybe even tens of minutes that would have otherwise been wasted walking from one side of a bathroom to another, like an idiot.


How's the Tap do it all? There's an engine inside (housed beneath the sink) that's so powerful I'm afraid to use it: moving at 92,000 RPM, your hand is blasted with a thin sheet of air moving at 420 miles per hour. Dyson says your hands will be dry in 14 seconds—which actually seems kind of long given the insanity of 420 mph wind. [Dyson]