Here's What the Lost Boys From Hook Look Like 25 Years Later

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In 1991, Steven Spielberg told us what happened when Peter Pan grew up. The film, Hook, was a big hit and garnered a huge legion of fans who saw it as kids. It hasn’t aged too well, to be honest, but these photos will make you either insanely nostalgic or incredibly depressed.


Hook’s actual 25th anniversary isn’t until December 11 but the team at 22 Vision got all the original Lost Boys back together and dressed them up in their original costumes.

The actors are Ryan J Francis, Raushan Hammond, Isaiah Robinson, Thomas Tulak, Dante Basco, Brett Willis, Ahmad Stoner, Bo Gheorghe, Bryan Willis and James Madio. The photos were taken by Bradford Rogne.

Here are a few of our favorites.


You can see more at the 22 Vision Facebook, including individuals of all the guys. Glad to see Rufio, Thud, Don’t Ask and the crew still doing well in their 30s and 40s.

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I don’t know why people hate on this movie, honestly. It’s required Christmas viewing at our house. Dustin Hoffman is perfect as Hook, the soundtrack is great, really all the pirate sections are wonderful, and all the actors (except Julia Roberts) bring their A game. Yes, the Lost Boys are dated, but that’s because the movie is old. It’d be dated if they all still played tiddlywinks and marbles too.