Here's Your First Look At Monoprice's Insanely Cheap Action Camera

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So this is crazy. Monoprice is coming out with a $100 action camera next month. Yeah, the company best known for their ridiculously cheap and awesome HDMI cables sells a bunch of other super high quality gear, like the MHD Action Camera.

The ruggedized barrel shaped camera shoots full HD (1920x1080) video at 30 fps with a 120-degree lens and is waterproof to about 10 meters, which includes audio recording under water. Monoprice says it's freeze, shock and dust proof, too. it relies on a two-axis gyro sensor to keep videos level. It even captures 5-megapixel images in one of three modes: single, burst and time lapse. Your other option is to shoot 720p at 30 fps.

Check out some sample footage shot at Willow Springs at 720p here.

Under the removable, lockable and waterproof rear cap, you'll find the microSD card slot, reset button, miniUSB port, micro HDMI port and video resolution switch.


Not bad for $99.99. Monoprice says it will begin shipping on February 25. [Monoprice]