Most of the Gizmodo team just got back from the week-long technological pummeling that is CES. Vegas is already a labyrinth designed to trap you in its debaucherous, hedonistic core. But now throw in giant walls of 4K tvs and the constant threat of being trampled by stampeding tech writers; you're bound to start feeling a little suffocated. And yet, despite all that, we keep coming back.


"Mr. Roboto" is actually part of the larger dystopic rock opera Kilroy Was Here, and it tells the story of Kilroy, who's placed in a futuristic prison guarded by robots. It's the same machine trapping him, however, that ultimately helps set him free. A perfect illustration of the fact that, no matter how much we whine, complain, and moan while we're here, there's no escaping the fact that the technology surrounding us is truly incredible, and we don't want to know where we'd be without it. Styx, you've cut straight to our core. Preach. [iTunes/Spotify]

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