London has the Flash-based, Bluetooth-ordering Inamo restaurant. Germany, the waiter-less kitchen. Japan has ramen vending machines, and soon, New York's midtown will play host to a restaurant with a 240-square-foot screen, displaying tweets and Foursquare check-ins.


Not to mention customers can customize their orders, add them to the social networking site, and if other people order their creations then they'll be paid 25 cents for every order. The money can be saved up and redeemed on future purchases, making it a loyalty scheme with a difference.

As you can garner in the gallery below, the renders make the restaurant look like an Apple store, with the big chrome and glass staircase, large windows and canteen-styling seating. Orders are taken online on iPads, or with actual human beings.

It's opening on July 6th, and will be located on 40th and Madison in Manhattan. The style of the food? Burgers. Big, glorious organic burgers, each with a hole in the middle which the customer can fill with one of 40 different fillings such as hummus, salsa and so on.


Before you ask—yes, there's Wi-Fi. What sort of high-tech restaurant would this be, without Wi-Fi? [ via Midtown Lunch via NY Eater via Gawker]