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Hitachi calls the hard drive "the new bling," as exemplified by its Microdrive 3K8 ("Mikey") worn by the sumptuous model here. This post is not about that, but now that we have your attention, get your mind out of the gutter and think about hard drives for a minute. While desktop hard drives have been making steady progress toward gargantuan capacities—think 750GB— 2.5-inch notebook drive capacities and their connections have been wallowing in the mire, until now.

Hitachi is making an effort to change that, and it's first out of the gate with a 160GB SATA drive aimed at notebooks, its Hitachi Travelstar 5K160. Sure, Seagate is shipping a 160GB 2.5-inch drive, but it's only available with a parallel ATA connector. That's not going to play ball with the swankiest of new notebooks from Apple, Dell and others which feature SATA connectors. Seagate said it would ship a 2.5" SATA perpendicular drive last month, but now Hitachi has beaten them to the punch. The Travelstar 5K160 160GB SATA drive is available now for $279.


Hitachi ships 160GB SATA notebook drive [APC] (Thanks, Adam!)