Hitachi has just debuted its W61H cellphone, which packs a 2.7-Inch E-Ink display on its reverse side. The display, which has been dubbed the Silhouette Screen, will be able to show off one of 95 pre-set graphics, but beyond the aesthetics the E-Ink offering has, it seems to have little other utility. (No caller data, time, date or SMS information can be viewed.) Jump for another shot.


The W61H will have a 2.8-inch internal WQVGA display (240 x 400), 1.97MP camera and an onboard 2GB micro SD (non-expandable.) The E-Ink phone goodness will last 250 minutes of call time on a single charge, and will most likely never get the chance to live the American dream (it's a Japan only release). [AVING]

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