We had a tough time picking a winner for our holiday story contest, but in the end we chose Maria M's story:

Every day on my way to work, I pass by a woman who is living in her car. I stopped by to talk to her one day and we have become friends. I bring her clothes, food and other essentials and we visit and talk every week. I went by last weekand brought her a turkey dinner and she told me that she had something for me. She handed me a Christmas card and she had written "Merry Christmas Mariea" on it. In the freezing cold, she had walked to the dollar store and bought a box of Christmas cards. It took me hours to get up the nerve to open it without crying. She reminded me of the reason why we celebrate this holiday. This woman lives in her car, surrounded by trash and everything she has left, and she gave me the gift of a lifetime. :)


Thank you for sharing your story, Maria, and congratulations on your new Chrome OS notebook.