Holiday Travel Would Be More Bearable If Airports Looked like Star Wars

Then again, maybe it wouldn't. After all, in a world where Frankfurt, Germany is home to an Imperial Starport, All Terrain walkers, Lambda-shuttles, TIE fighters, and even the occasional Star Destroyer might amount to little more than quotidian traffic on an airport apron.

H/t Andrew!


Robbie Gonzalez

Watching this SW/airport animation (which, I should have mentioned in the post, is really well done) makes me think of Louis C.K.'s "Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy" bit:

His observations are spot on, of course. On a long enough timeline, the spectacular eventually becomes mundane. On one hand, it sure would be incredible to see spacecraft hovering above an airport tarmac. On the other, I can't help wondering how long it would take for the wonder to wear off. I imagine not very long.