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Holy wow, you can actually swim like Scrooge McDuck in this bank vault

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

People of Earth, dreamers of the universe and possible alien organisms of the beyond: you can swim like Scrooge McDuck in a Swiss bank vault in real life. Like, literally swim in money. This is incredible. A bank safe swimming pool filled with 8 million Swiss coins is being auctioned off to the highest bidder who wants to fulfill every person's childhood (and adult) dream of swimming in money.

The early 20th century bank safe is located in Basel, Switzerland and if you're the winning bidder of the auction hosted by James Edition, you can have the safe (and all of its coins) moved anywhere in the world for your diving pleasure. This could be you:


This is a priceless opportunity, rich people with disposable income. Do not pass this up. Bid now! Buy buy buy. The 8 million coins are all Swiss 5 cent Rappens, which totals up to 15 tons in money and around $450,000 in US dollars. An expensive and possibly bruising swim, sure, but most certainly an unforgettable one too.

The coins and the safe were previously used in an advertising campaign for minimum wage in Switzerland. But who cares about that! Just think of what you can do with a room full with money. Even raking the change seems like so much fun.


Some rich guy should buy this and rent it out to people for a dip. I'd pay a good chunk of change for the experience. For those who are interested, bid here. Don't forget to invite me to join you.

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