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Hope You Enjoyed Your Stupid Weekend.

Illustration for article titled Hope You Enjoyed Your Stupid Weekend.

While you were out celebrating some stupid day about stupid women giving stupid births out of their stupid vaginas, WE (all the cool people in the whole world) were HERE. Yes, kicking it Gizmodo-style.


Here are the top few stories you missed:

1 of 500 Adult Swim Edition Zunes sold on Ebay
There's another car we want almost bad enough to get a real job
I AM NOT A TERRORIST. The FBI is listening.
And I really like this innovation.


But trust me on this—the weekend posts are an opus not meant to be played out of sync. Enjoy your 40-hour workweek, suckers. I'm off until next weekend.

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Ease up on the misogyny guys. You might think it's funny but I have a wife, a mother and a daughter (yes, they're three different persons) and let me tell you the crude, contempt-filled language is not funny. You're living up to every stereotype there is about pasty-faced, female-fearing, will-never-get-laid tech geeks.