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Hopefully You Only Need to Use This Ring-Revealing iPhone Case Once

When you shell out $40 for an iPhone case, you probably expect to use it for the life of your phone. But will you really want to keep using the RokShok, a transforming iPhone case that hides a pop-up engagement ring, after you’ve popped the question?

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Among the many terrible, terrible things we all have to wade through on social media, it’s become abundantly clear that people love sharing their (over)reactions to surprise wedding proposals. So in addition to making it easier to hide an engagement ring (the 0.6-inch thick case mostly just looks like a backup battery attached to your smartphone) the RokShok also improves your chances of capturing your significant other’s (hopefully) overjoyed reaction when you pop the big question—IF you remember to hit record.

The case makes it easy to perfectly frame both the ring and the person you’re asking to marry, but it’s up to you to make sure your camera or streaming app is up and running before you reveal the ‘rok’. When you open it, the RokShok doesn’t automatically launch a special recording app, or trigger your camera app’s shutter, that’s all left up to you.


If you’re planning to propose sometime in the coming months, unfortunately you’ll need to find another way to reveal the ring as the RokShok, which will be compatible with recent versions of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but won’t actually be available until June 1st of next year.

And what happens if they say no? Well, at least you’ll have a half-decent reason to keep using the phone case you paid 40 bucks for. Maybe you can keep your house key in there instead?

[RokShok via Taxi]

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Think! aka anotherburner111122223333

Is this real? I think I saw this while flipping by a late night show and assumed it was a parody...

ETA: I think the alternate useage could be for a condom...