Hot Damn, Look at The Batman's New Ride

Batman and his new whip.
Batman and his new whip.
Image: Warner Bros.

You’ve seen The Batman’s new suit, but who would the Dark Knight be without a fancy set of wheels to prowl Gotham’s streets in?


This afternoon, Matt Reeves posted the first official photos of the Batmobile that Robert Pattinson’s Batman will drive in the upcoming film, and the ride is, in a word, subtle. Though it’s very much a Batmobile (note the bat-like fins), it’s also very much a car rather than the tanks that we’ve seen Batman driving in the DCEU as of late.

The Batmobile won’t be the only vehicle Batman fires up over the course of the movie—we’ve seen set photos of the Bat-bike—but given the number of villains set to pop up in The Batman, one can easily imagine that this car’s just going to be one of a few.

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