It feels like it’s easy to forget that Hot Toys makes figures for things that aren’t Marvel or Star Wars, but this latest reveal is an excellent reminder—and also means NECA’s own “Old Man Arnie” figure has to step down from is position as the ultimate plastic Schwarzenegger.

Yes, it looks like Hot Toys has found itself with a license for Terminator Genisys, and they’re kicking the line off with a spot on recreation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Okay so it’s the Guardian Terminator from the film, but really, the casual hoodie/jacket look, the aged face of a post-gubernatorial career—if he wasn’t toting a shotgun around I’d say this is basically just an Arnold Schwarzenegger action figure.

Okay, maybe even still with the shotgun. I like to think Arnie just wanders around aimlessly with some firearms and looking a badass outside of his acting work.


In order to remind you however that yes, this is a figure of a killer robot, the Guardian Terminator also comes with an alternate battle-damaged head, revealing the metal skeleton hidden underneath. Aside from the usual bonus hands, the figure is rounded out by a pair of shades that you can slot onto either head for the perfect “Deal With It” look.

There’s no details about a release window or price just yet, but expect the Hot Toys usual: Around $230 and a release date of early next year.


[Hot Toys]

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