If you thought it was intense when Hot Wheels cars zoomed around loops, narrowly missing each other at high speed intersections that would make a civil engineer fall to his knees and cry, Hot Wheel's new Carcade might give you a heart attack. And if your favorite speed is "10 mph under the limit," the same applies.


A ludicrous mix between pinball, skee-ball, and miniature cars, the Hot Wheels Carcade is practically a 10-car pile-up machine. Using the dual-handed handed launcher, the player directs a practically endless torrent of Hot Wheels cars careening up the slope towards a bunch of targets and, well, the video speaks for itself. And yeah, the way the cars tend to slide up sideways and on their hoods sort of makes it feel like they're incidental to the whole thing, but it also makes it feel AWESOME. I mean, you're shooting cars. Come on.

The Hot Wheels Carcarde will be available this coming July for $80, and while it's sort of a one-trick, car-shooting pony, that car shooting trick is a blast. And a crash. Like 30 crashes.


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