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Hotel Locks Defeated by Piece of Wire, Secured by Towel

Hotel rooms tend to have locks that use magnetic swipe cards—something reasonably high-tech and innately trusted. Bad news? A piece of bent wire can defeat these locks. Good news? A towel prevents such low-tech break-ins.


The tool shown in the video isn't just a plain piece of wire, instead it's a special "government only" tool, but I'm sure that something similar could be constructed or purchased through not-so-legal channels. The point remains that it's a bit laughable that you'd have to resort to shoving a towel into your door handle when you leave your hotel room just in case some guy is smart enough to just circumvent the supposedly secure lock entirely. [BlackBag]

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Meh, I don't leave a whole lot of valuables in my room when I am not in it. At least nothing that I wouldn't survive being stolen. With how many of the hotel staff have keys to my room I don't trust it to be secure. And when I am in my room, I always enable the secondary locks and deadbolts. Of course some people accuse me of being paranoid.