Hotel Peephole Hack Allows For Spying From Outside

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This is just plain scary. Kent, a guest at an unnamed hotel, awoke to discover a rolled-out piece of paper on the carpet underneath his peephole. On closer inspection, he realized it'd fallen out of the peephole.

When he left his room, he found he was able to remove the outer glass on the peephole, blow on the rolled-up paper sitting in the hole so it fell out (onto the carpet of his room, where he found it that morning), and peer straight into his room.


He told the hotel, of course, who were "mortified, and instantly sent houskeeping door-to-door," but nonetheless it's worth always checking peepholes if you're worried about someone spying on your sexytimes. Or clipping of toenails in bed. [Flickr via Boing Boing]


Um, since when is taking the peephole apart a "hack".

What was the paper for anyway? I would assume that the previous occupant had shoved it into the hole because the peephole was missing the inner lens.