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House of the Dragon Has Already Been Renewed for Season 2

It may have something to do with the 20 million people who watched the Game of Thrones prequel's premiere.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Daemon Targaryen hands his niece Rhaenyra a gift in the throne room.
Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

House of the Dragon has only just begun, but the Targaryen civil war has already been extended. HBO has announced that the series, set about 200 years before the events seen in Game of Thrones, will receive a second season, possibly because everyone and their mother (well, my mother, at least) watched last Sunday’s series premiere.

Seriously, 10 million people watched it on Sunday night, and another 10 million have watched it since then via HBO Max and on-demand, a bona fide smash hit by any modern metric—and even more impressive when you remember how divisive the final season of Game of Thrones was. But Daenerys’ rushed heel turn seemingly didn’t deter anybody from wanting to check out what those platinum blonde Targaryens were up to, which was mainly tearing Westeros apart in a fight for the Iron Throne between Rhaenyra, the king’s direct daughter and named heir, and Daemon, the king’s brother and closest male in the line of descent.


With only one episode down, this war hasn’t even truly begun yet but is only the way, and when it comes it will be here for a while, apparently. Game of Thrones: Oops, All Targaryens!—er, House of the Dragon—airs Sundays on HBO Max.

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