House Season Finale Shot Entirely on a Canon 5D Mark II

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Wow, the House (great show, btw) season finale was shot entirely on a Canon 5D Mark II. You think that the HD video quality of dSLRs is challenging pro video and film gear yet?


House director Greg Yaitanes announced the news on Twitter, then he preceded to take technical questions from the audience. Apparently the 5D was a perfect fit for the "tight spaces" of the finale. They used Canon prime lenses along with the 24-70 and 70-200 zoom and, believe it or not, they didn't use an image stabilization rig of any sort for the non-tripod shots.

(I attempted that maneuver when filming my mom using the iPad with the 5D for our iPad review. The footage was gorgeous, but much was just too jittery to use, even for jittery footage.)

The House finale airs May 17th if you'd like to tune in. Even if you don't watch the show, it should be a great case study for photography geeks everywhere. Plus, Hugh Laurie's inevitable cracks about the size of Yaitanes' "camera" are probably worth the price of admission alone. [Petapixel via PhilipBloom via Engadget]


so what is going to happen when the House Green-ray disc comes out and all of the 4D tvs on the market are going to be 5k resolution? I don't think 1080P is going to upconvert very well :\ . It is going to be just like the problems they are facing with Star Trek TNG and the fact that all of the special effects were shot in SD.