How a Fridge Full of Beer That Only Unlocks for Canadians Gets Made

As part of a recent ad campaign, Canadian beer company Molson Candian took a fridge full of its special adult beverage all around Europe to share with the thirsty masses. But there was a catch—the only way to unlock the boozy treasure was by scanning a Canadian passport. And though you may have already seen the commercial itself making the rounds these past few days, chances are you haven't seen what's actually the coolest part of the whole campaign—how a Canuck-specific cooler gets made.


The video gives you a look into the fridge's entire construction; you get to see everything from the shiny red paint job to the passport scanner's wiring process. Of course, the latter is likely going to raise a few red flags for the more privacy-wary poutine enthusiasts, but it seems everyone in the commercial eventually found someone willing to swipe their Canadian passport. Because fortunately for Europe's native population, the one nationality they needed is the just aboot the nicest around. [Design Taxi]



I love how all you American's get your "Canadian Image" from a satirical TV show from the '70's. SCTV with their skit "Bob and Doug Mackenzie" was develop because the show was syndicated in the US and producers needed to fill an extra few minutes time slot in the show. So the skit was developed to make fun of American's because at that time American's idea of Canada was only of igloos and Mounties. By developing these characters into way over the top images of rural Canadians the skit produced the image of Canadians wearing denim, drinking beer, saying eh and using an accent that DOES NOT exist (its actually made to sound like a cross between a Newfie and an Ontarian). Later on Red Green was syndicated into the US and carried on this fake image of Canadians.

However, it pains me every time an American uses these motifs of Canadian's because with SCTV it was all to make fun of YOU AMERICAN's and how gullible you were about the image of Canadians.