How can you tell you're living in the future?

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Police are shooting down protester drones in Istanbul. We have mind-controlled robotic arms. The US government is funding a map of the human brain. Plus, computers can recognize pictures of cats on the internet and we have a robot living on Mars. Has the future finally arrived?


Photo of a DiY drone by Jeff L.

What do you think the signs are that the future has already arrived? Or are we jumping the gun by declaring ourselves already a futuristic society? Post your answers in comments, along with pictures and videos to illustrate your points!



Annalee Newitz

George Church, the molecular biologist whose work informs this book, told me over the weekend that we're going to have brain implants in the next ten years. No, not wires in your head. Pieces of engineered gray matter that enhance cognition, implanted in your brain.