How Did the 12 Months of the Year Get Their Names?

The simple and obvious answer: they come from the Romans. But the whole story on how the months of the year got their names is a little bit more interesting and includes bits about how the calendar first started in March, how they just started naming months after numbers after June, how there were month-less days, and how Julius Caesar tweaked it all. History is fun.

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It does bug the hell out of me that our 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th months are named Seventh-month, Eighth-month, Ninth-month, and Tenth-month. I mean our days of the week all have real names; they didn’t get to Friday, decide to knockoff for and early weekend, and just call the last two days of the week Quinqueday and Sexday (though I suspect people would be cool with Sexday).