How Fake Barfs Are Made

Collectors Weekly has a fascinating piece on a tour of H. Fishlove & Co.'s factory, where they make Whoops, the original fake vomit. And while experts know the ingredients, apparently the formula is as closely guarded as Obama's underpants.

Mardi Timm, co-owner of one of the largest novelty collection in the world, says nobody really knows how to do them:

It is a secret recipe. But I think we know what's in it. It's got foam pieces cut up, and it's got latex. But the actual recipe, nobody outside the company knows that.

There are things better left unknown. Personally, I can't wait to see the magical mystery tour into the fake dog poop factory. [Collectors Item via Boing Boing]

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Genis Sage

Why is this on Gizmodo? Oh yeah, because you ran out of stuff to post about Apple? So you have to cover up the fact that this is just a link with some sentences and an unrelated video. Congrats Jesus.