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How Far Away From the Books Is Game of Thrones Going to Stray?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Check out tons of X-Men character artwork! Fede Alvarez talks Evil Dead 2. There won't be any smooth sailing for Cosima and Delphine on Orphan Black. The Walking Dead adds a new regular, but it's not clear who he's playing. Plus, finale news from Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, and Supernatural. Spoilers now!

Top image: Game of Thrones

Star Wars: Episode VII

On their Instagram account, Lucasfilm posted this picture of Disney Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger and a Wookie. Could it be, as some think, our first look of Peter Mayhew back as Chewbacca for Episode VII? [via Coming Soon]


And here's a short video from J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan, where Kasdan says he's in London "working on" the script with Abrams, and Abrams adds that casting "announcements" will continue. So allow your mind to run wild as to what needs to be changed in the script and which of the four billion casting rumors may turn out to be true. [Wired]

Amazing Spider-Man/Sinister Six/Venom

A quote from Marc Webb in a Grantland article gave a few hints about what future movies will bring:

You have to have a lot of meetings. I had to talk to Drew Goddard [about the Oscorp's Special Projects scene] and make sure these things were going to be played out in the future universe. There are some very specific plans, for example, for [Doc] Ock and for Vulture. Or the man in the hat at the end of the first movie. All those things emerge with varying degrees of emphasis.




A short trailer premiered at Washington D.C.'s Air and Space Museum, providing just the barest look at Christopher Nolan's next project. It showed Matthew McConaughey's character, Cooper, driving a truck through corn fields. Later, the fields had catch fire and "an ominous dust cloud" looms over a baseball game, and McConaughey Cooper tells his daughter he loves her. Then he's "being shot into space in order to save the world." [Washington Post]


Legendary Films CEO Thomas Tull confirmed that filming of the Warcraft movie would finish soon, even though its release date is in 2016:

Well, part of it is getting the date right. As you may have noticed, these next two years, there's pretty big titles coming out. We wanted to make sure that we got that right, but there are some sequences and some things that Duncan Jones has done that are truly on the cutting edge. You want to have plenty of time to make sure that we dial those in. So by the time they get home and set up, it'll be a little less than two years. It'll be about 20 months but we really want to take our time and get this right because the technology that's employed really is some next generation stuff.


He also gave a little bit of information about the way director Duncan Jones will be handling the plot:

I would say it's a linear story, but at the same time, it's Duncan Jones. That's what we wanted, was again that different flare, not just straightforward fantasy and everything.


[Crave Online]

Evil Dead 2

Fede Alvarez isn't counting out the idea of a sequel, saying that it will happen when they get everything right:

Sam, Bruce and Rob Tapert and I are good friends and we talk to one another often and we're always coming up with new ideas and projects. Sam is teasing Army of Darkness 2, which he is working on the script with his brother, but at the same time Evil Dead 2 is something we definitely want to do at some point. But part of the reason I think the last one was successful is because Sam took his time to find the right team of people to do it. We took the time to find the right script and all of that. If you had Evil Dead 2 coming out the following year, it's just for the market, not because you've found the right idea. It takes time to find the right idea and that's what we're doing. It's always in the background and always in our heads. And every time I talk with Sam, we're bouncing around ideas to find what would be the perfect sequel.


[Shock Till You Drop]

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Go here for all the character artworks (over 20!) that Fox has released. These were designed as test artwork for the Empire Magazine covers. [Comic Book Movie]


Edge of Tomorrow

Go here for a complete gallery of posters. [Imp Awards]


Here's the IMAX poster. [Coming Soon]


And go here for more character posters. [Coming Soon]


Game of Thrones

Director Michelle MacLaren talked about the White Walkers reveal from a few weeks ago and said something that's been clear for the past few weeks — the show's going to be moving beyond the books:

We saw very little of the White Walkers other than the one on the horse. There's a lineup of blurry figures and we pull back over the baby. Presumably those are White Walkers, but we left that somewhat of a mystery on purpose.

. . . Dan and David are such great writers. It's exciting to see where they are going to go moving beyond the books, which is starting to happen more and more.


[The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's a promo for the next episode, "The Laws of God of Men":

The Vampire Diaries

Wetpaint both theorizes that one of the major death coming up is Damon AND dismisses the idea. They based that idea on the episode description for the finale:

Damon comes up with a dangerous plan that relies on split-second timing from Jeremy and Matt … Damon's plan causes a massive explosion in Mystic Falls, and everyone is caught up in the confusion, leaving a trail of heroism, sacrifice, relief and despair.


Couple that with the exploration of the "other side" that's been going on this season, and it seems possible that Damon's headed for a not-permanent kind of death. On the other hand, it's also pointed out that the description is vague and "sacrifice" doesn't need to be a literal death. [Wetpaint]

Orphan Black

Cosima and Delphine's relationship is going to remain on the rocks, according to Graeme Mason:

I love Cophine too, but that relationship's gonna remain on thin ice. Their hearts are wrapped up in it, there's no denying that. I don't think Tatiana Maslany or Evelyn Brochu believe that their characters' hearts aren't in this, but there's large forces at play. Delphine's not above a power play, and Delphine has to learn to play dirty.


[E! Online]


Supervising producer Andrew Dabb talked about what's up next for Castiel:

[His role in the finale] is really important. He is part of the mythology as he has been in seasons past for us. He plays big in the last…episodes. As far as next season goes, look, we love Misha [Collins]. Misha's awesome. I have a hard time imagining the show without him.


Well, that certainly sounds like, at the very least, Castiel's going to be around at the end of the finale. [E! Online]

The Walking Dead

Seth Gilliam will be a regular cast member in season five, playing a character currently called "Michael Todd," which is probably a pseudonym for a recognizable comics character. Michael Todd is described as "having two sides, displaying a friendly, puckish humor but also having a haunted side stemming from a dark secret." Does that ring any bells? [Deadline]


Agents of SHIELD

According Clark Gregg, the finale's going to focus on Garrett and Coulson just losing it:

We've got Agent Garrett, the psychopathic murderer who seems to have some parts of him made of metal — only in Marvel. And really, S.H.I.E.L.D. essentially destroyed Coulson and his team, [who are] on the run. I think there's a lot to accomplish in the last episodes in terms of settling those scores.

I guess the thing I would say is, I think they might have picked the wrong moment to mess with Phil Coulson. This guy's been through a lot, starting with being stabbed during "The Avengers," and nothing's going right for him. I've got a feeling he's going to find a way to kind of give back as well as he's been receiving.


Head over to the link to read about the comics that first hooked Gregg. [Comic Book Resources]

And go here for more photos from the season finale. [Buddy TV]



Xbox Entertainment Studios and Showtime are nearing the close of a deal for a live-action show based on Halo. Steven Spielberg is set to produce the series. [Variety]



We now know why Malcolm Merlyn is returning to Arrow: He's coming to save Thea from Slade Wilson's army. Says EP Andrew Kreisberg:

Thea will find herself in a precarious predicament and she will be saved by her father. Malcolm is going to offer her what she doesn't have anymore. That was part of our math with killing Moira [Susanna Thompson]. If we were going to send Thea in that direction, she needed to have nothing pulling her back here. Now she has a brother [Stephen Amell] who lied to her and has done something unforgivable and no mother. On the flip side, she has Malcolm Merlyn saying, 'I will never lie to you, Thea.'


[TV Guide]

The Originals

Executive producer Michael Narducci described what's coming in the finale:

The French Quarter will erupt in an all-out war, the likes of which we haven't seen all season. Every single faction — vampires, humans, witches, werewolves, and The Originals themselves — will be jockeying for power and defending themselves from attack.


[TV Guide]

Joseph Morgan says that Klaus' body and mind are in danger from different things:

For Klaus' person, for his physical form, if Mikael gets his way and is able to get a body and come back somehow, I think Mikael is the biggest threat, but for Klaus' redemption, for his sanity, for everything that's good in him, I think that Genevieve at the moment along with Monique is the biggest threat because they take his child and he'll be going down a pretty dark path, I would imagine.


As for season 2, Morgan wants to spend time dealing with Klaus' wolf family:

That's a huge untapped resource we have, and I would hope moving into season 2, that we'll see more of his background, his wolf side. We saw one of his bloodline, and we found this ring that his mother made for his true biological father, so I think the idea of exploring that, certainly for me, is very interesting, because the Klaus we met was very much a vampire. We've seen more of the beast in him certainly over the last season, but definitely, we could explore more of that. Wouldn't it be amazing if we discovered a pack that was descended from his bloodline, so there's another family of which Klaus is a member, and then you have these two families, and he's a member of both? I should be pitching this to Julie [Plec]. Season 2, I think we just figured it out!


[Entertainment Weekly]


David Giuntoli previewed what's in store for Nick at Rosalee's and Monroe's wedding:

Wesen recognize Grimms by looking into their eyes, so the only way Nick can attend the ceremony is to show up in sunglasses. Our season finale is one big Ray-Ban commercial! There's a very funny scene where Nick has to justify to the preacher why he's wearing shades.

... Nick's life as a Grimm blows up in his face at home. It's the worst, most awkward day possible for him and Juliette to go to a wedding together.


Bitsie Tulloch agrees, saying that "What happens to them is shocking and crazy, something neither of them could have predicted — and neither is equipped to deal with it," she says. "You won't know if Nick and Juliette can overcome this — it's a big cliffhanger — but it's a really fun twist that the fans are going to love." [TV Guide]


WGN has already picked the show up for a second season. [Shock Till You Drop]

Go here for more photos from episode 1.04, "Survivors." [SpoilerTV]



Go here for more photos from episode 3.08, "So Do Our Minutes Hasten." Here's the description:

Kiera confronts uncomfortable truths while paired on an investigation with Dillon. Julian puts himself in the spotlight by exposing a corporation's dirty deeds. Alec deals with the pressures of his new role at Piron and an uncomfortable secret revealed by Carlos.




From Dusk Till Dawn

Here's a clip from tonight's episode, "La Conquista." [Shock Till You Drop]


Falling Skies

Here are episode titles for episodes 4.01-4.06:

22nd Jun 2014 S04E01 - Ghost In The Machine

29th Jun 2014 S04E02 - The Eye

6th Jul 2014 S04E03 - Exodus

13th Jul 2014 S04E04 - Evolve or Die

20th Jul 2014 S04E05 - Mind Wars

27th Jul 2014 S04E06 - Door Number Three


Here's a new poster. [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Madeleine Monson-Rosen