How Hot Does It Get Inside a Parked Car? (Spoiler: SO FREAKING HOT)

It's summer. It's stinking hot. And for any silly person who leaves their pets (or any imbecile who leaves their kids) inside a parked car, watch this video where a doctor traps himself inside a parked car to see how how it gets. Even with all four windows cracked down a bit, the car temperature reaches 117 degrees in only 30 minutes.


And no. Even if you leave your pet inside for just five minutes, the temperature already spikes and becomes miserable. Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward put himself through an experiment so none of us ever have to feel the misery of being trapped inside a car on a hot summer day. Temperatures can get 20 degrees hotter inside the greenhouse trap of a vehicle, people! So yes. Don't ever do it. [Dr Ernie Ward via Daily Dot]

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I wonder if there is a way to utilize the heat energy inside the car to produce some kind of usable energy.